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Selbstmarketing auf englisch: selfmarketing

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To practise. This upcoming Sunday in Amsterdam I will give my first workshop in this popular language. I’m scared for weeks now. I went to three doctors for three different symptoms: My stomach did hurt so much that I got a colonoscopy (For medical insiders: I watched the live-video until Cannon’s Point, then I happily accepted the doctor’s offer of Propofol). I went to the dentist because it was painful to open my mouth (TMJ syndrome) and I limped to the orthopaedist because my achilles tendon inflammated. Well, maybe to stop me from taking my next step, to move forward.

What’s stopping you from coming to Amsterdam (or your version of it)? 

It’s helpful to have people around you to support you. In my case, aside from the doctors and osteopaths, those people were Friederike Galland (who made me apply in the first place and pushed me further with her feedback), Barbara Strauß and Kristian Rother, who gave their valuable input during the second run-through. And last and totally not least Wendy Wallace Husser, an excellent Coach.

I don’t even know if the English that I wrote here is as good as it could be. It’s more than a decade ago that I lived for five years in the US. (Still practising.) All I want to express is my gratitude and how important it is to overcome fear and to be present in the moment. Come to Amsterdam this Sunday. We start at 9 a.m. The workshop is called „Present yourself: Inspiring and strengthening quiet and sensitive leaders to have even more positive impact.“

Come to see if I am present. I will be. Completely. I promise.

Update March 11, 2018: When I read this post again, more than two years later, I still remember how great it was in Amsterdam. Only the medical issue needs a correction. My stomach pain wasn’t all psychosomatic. It was a herniated disk between the first and the second lumbar vertebrae. 😉 The nerves, which leave the spinal column at this height are connected to the intestines. So please keep in mind: Sometimes we think it’s fear and it’s only excitement. And sometimes we think it’s fear and it’s „only“ a medical issue.

Susanne Hake

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